Dental Assisting School Tuition– Ballston Spa, NY

How Much
Does It Cost?

Compared to a typical four-year college degree, training to become a dental assistant is much more affordable, plus it takes significantly less time as well! We understand that it can be quite the financial commitment for some students, however, which is why we offer multiple ways to pay to ensure that you can easily afford to start your new career. To learn more, read the helpful page below, and be sure to call us with any questions you might have.

Payment Options

Tuition is due and payable in advance. However, students may elect to arrange for monthly/weekly payments while attending school. Extended payment plans may be considered through bank financing based upon the applicant’s credit position.

We accept personal checks, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

Dental Assisting Program

The cost for the Foundational Dental Assisting Program is:

  • Hours: 80
  • Tuition: $3,097.00
  • Textbook: $150.00
  • Materials Fee: $350.00
  • Registration Fee: $100.00

Total Cost of Program: $3,697.00

There are no additional fees for materials or supplies

Refund Policy: 10 weeks = One Quarter

Equipment consists of but is not limited to: masks, gloves, all disposable supplies needed to learn about dental assisting, models of human dentition, dental assisting pin at graduation, use of all of our dental equipment chairs, X-ray machines, and lab supplies.

Payment Plans Available

The total cost may be paid out using any of the following options:


A prepay discount of 5% is given to students who pay their tuition in full at LEAST two weeks prior to the first day of class instruction. Tuition is then $3,512.00. A discount of $185 will be given.


$1,322.00 down payment, then $240.00 paid at the beginning of each class (10 payments in all). This optional will cost $25.00 extra.


$847.00 down payment, then $290.00 paid at the beginning of each class (10 payments in all). This option will cost $50.00 extra.

Learn more about your third-party payment options below!


Previously named VESID, ACCES-VR is a program offered by the New York State Education Department. ACCES-VR provides vocational rehabilitation and adult continuing education programs.

Is ACCES-VR a source of financial aid?

If you have a disability or special need for vocational training, you may qualify for ACCES-VR assistance.

Contact Information

Phone: 1-800-222-JOBS (5627)


New York State Education Department
Adult Career and Continuing Education Services
Vocational Rehabilitation

One Commerce Plaza, Room 1609
Albany, New York 12234

Phone: (518) 474-1711

For more information, visit:


This stands for the New York State Workforce Investment Act. It is a state-funded program through the One-Stop Centers in each county and is affiliated with Unemployment Benefits. People who are out of work and need training for a new job may qualify for assistance! You do not need to be on unemployment to qualify.

How do I find out if I qualify?

Visit the local One-Stop Center in your county of residence. If you qualify, they may pay for all or part of your training at our school.

What is the MyCAA Program?

The MyCAA program is offered through the Department of Defense. It is designed to assist military spouses so that they can obtain skills for a portable career.

How can I see if I qualify?

You can visit the MyCAA website here. If you are approved for assistance, they may provide partial payment for our course.