Career Paths – Ballston Spa, NY

The Only Way
is Up

One of the best things about learning to be a dental assistant is that it gives people access to a wide array of career paths within dentistry. After we teach you the basics, it’s really up to you how much you want to learn, grow, and advance. We simply provide you with a strong foundation here so you can enter the dental world, but from there, there are all sorts of ways you can move up.

Dental Assistant

Right out of school, you’ll be able to work as a dental assistant in most general practices. Your daily duties will consist of organizing/sanitizing instruments, assisting the doctor, checking in patients, and performing various other administrative duties. Basically, you’re the Swiss Army knife of the practice, meaning there is a lot of variety, so no two days are ever the same.

Certified Dental Assistant

A certified dental assistant has the training to perform additional duties like taking X-rays or completing coronal polishing (essentially a gentle dental cleaning). This not only adds variety to what someone can do within a practice, but it also adds value to them as a team member, meaning they’ll enjoy better pay and more job security. This can also open up more career opportunities, as some practices will only hire certified dental assistants.

Expanded Function Dental Assistant

The EFDA certification (expanded function dental assistant) is the highest distinction someone can achieve as a dental assistant. For this, an assistant will obtain more clinical skills so they can perform basic procedures on patients, plus they will learn how to work in specialty offices, like an orthodontic or pediatric practice. EFDA’s are in high demand because obtaining this certification shows that someone is not only highly-skilled, but dedicated to delivering the best possible care as well.

Dental Assistant Instructor

Eventually, after gaining enough real-world experience as a dental assistant, you can come full circle and start teaching others to be dental assistants. Like any career in teaching, it is extremely rewarding, but unlike the school you attended as a child, you’ll work with engaged students and play a big part in active, hands-on instruction. You’ll get to watch as your students change their lives for the better thanks to you, plus you’ll know that they’ll go on to serve countless patients.